Proprietor Rham Fenton

Cooking & seafood have been an enormous part of Rham Fenton’s culinary experience. Raised as a vegetarian at the first east coast yoga ashram in Virginia Beach, Virginia he had an early education on healthful living that contributed to his interest in wholesome, healthy eating and purchasing locally grown organic ingredients. An avid surfer, Rham’s love of the ocean is the perfect counterpart to his love of sushi.

His early training was by a elderly Japanese couple that ran a sushi joint near the ocean, Rham’s first job with them was expert oyster shucker. He quickly moved on to rolling sushi and has been improving his technique and personalizing his flavors, ever since. He spent the next decade and a half on the shores of San Diego surfing and working in the hottest sushi establishments. Having surfed and traveled all over the globe, spending time in Costa Rica, Indonesia, Asia and Australia has given Rham’s culinary view a unique and flavorful flair.

Now living and working in New York City and the Jersey Shore with his wife and family, Rham has rolled at some of New York’s finest – including Matsuri and Morimoto. His catering company Ramasushi brings “live action” sushi right to you for your next event. Rham & his chef’s will bring the freshest & finest ingredients available to your party and will create his sumptuous sushi ordered up the way you want on site.  With his full service sushi stations, it’s a fresh, fabulous, fun way to celebrate.