Ramasushi is now offering private sushi lessons in your home!  What a great way to entertain your friends and learn a new way of cooking.  Impress your guests with a private lesson or celebrate a special occasion.  The lessons will be step by step from preparing the perfect rice to how to cut a roasted eel.  Learn the art of safe sushi preparation from a veteran sushi chef and make a special meal for you and your friends!  Guest can make their own sushi and take it home with them.  Great lesson for kids of all ages too.

Or try the sushi lessons at our studio kitchen.

Please contact us at 917-386-3597 or email us at [email protected] for more information.

Sushi lessons and sushi parties make great gifts!!

Learn the art of sushi rolling through an experienced sushi chef using fresh ingredients. Classes include making sticky rice, prepping fish & vegetables, rolling traditional and specialty rolls, plus the art of cutting sushi. Book your space now and get your roll on for your next cocktail or holiday party.Classes will start at 5:45 and go till 9pm.Classes will be held at Downtown Kitchen which is located under the Brooklyn Bridge Manhattan.

Classes offered in the Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, and Tri-State area.